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Tropical Leaves

Yes! Books are great ways to get a message across. I've always pondered with the idea of writing a book. When I was a high schooler, I used to get assignments to write stories all the time. While my teacher gave the rest of my class a different assignment, mine was always to write a new story. This habit carried on with me and I grew fond of writing. After traveling a whole bunch and being told by probably everyone I know, to write a book- I decided to do it! 

Traveling is a huge part of what makes me who I am. From the first time I traveled solo internationally, a fire started within me. From experiencing a new culture to realizing there's a world out there that I can never learn enough about, the desire to keep traveling grew more and more. Every country I visited after that reaffirmed my yearning to experience the world. If you love traveling, you'll love my book!


Ever wondered how business works? Me neither. Until the day I did. My dream job used to be being a pilot. My dream car was and is a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. But even at the highest pay grade as a pilot, I wouldn't be able to afford my $8,000,000 dream car. What good is my dream job if I can't afford my dream car? It was then that I decided I needed a better dream. That's when I started looking into business and realized that business is easier and more fun than I could've imagined! Dive into my book and see how business is nothing that you thought it is!

This can't be stressed enough. The importance of having the right mindset can never be overplayed. I started to realize that, as I attended one conference after another. The Mindsets of the people I met stood out from any that I'd seen before. These people were thinking on a whole other level. There was nothing that could convince them that they could fail. The dedication they had to what they were doing was unwavering. I realized the importance of the law of attraction until then. You'll hear lots more on this in my book!

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