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Traveling can be therapeutic, you just need to be at the right place at the right time (Well, not really, you just need to enjoy and keep exploring wherever you are). It doesn’t always have to be expensive. The secret to travel is… (Come on, I cannot give everything away, just like that). Here’s a deal, how about you drop me a mail with your dream destination, and I will respond with some suggestions. 

Want more? (greedy, aren’t we?)

Just kidding! I am in midst of finishing a book on proven ways to do your travel right, all by yourself. So how about you keep in touch and I’ll keep you informed about the book?

Finally, If you ever feel like talking to someone or need some help with anything, please drop a message and I’ll be glad to take some time off to chat. Consider me your secret set of ears. :)

A world traveler, an entrepreneur, a business owner, and a full-time explorer. Born and brought up among the medley of India, I have always been curious about exploring new avenues and getting absorbed in the splendor of nature. My adventure fast-tracked when I moved to the US. The move was a transitional moment not only because my surroundings changed but it was then that I ingressed into adulthood.

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Since then, I have had to opportunity to discover the lengths and depths of the world. I have moved coast to coast and worked all kinds of jobs. Been a ‘Sandwich Artist’ (who knew making a sandwich could be an art) at a Subway in Los Angeles. Crossed continents and watched the world move from 35000 feet above, thanks to a job as a Flight Attendant with Delta and United Airlines. Today, I am a co-owner of a six-figure company. Now that’s a ride!


My journey is a testament to one's ability to dream and the willingness to take an off-beaten path in the discovery of success while doubling down on fun. My hope with this website is to be able to share my varied experiences from my entrepreneurial ventures, new business moves, but most importantly, my travels with all of you. Let this serve as a motivation for all that you want to achieve in your life. This is for the ones who strive to do bigger and better things in life but don't forget to enjoy the process while doing it.

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